We look to the future

Siwax Group offers its customers a high degree of specialization in the design and production of waxesemulsions and hotmelts of excellent quality and a wide variety of applications. We commercialize our own products, with registered trademarks, while offering an extensive advisory service based on our experience and an exhaustive analysis of the needs of the industry.

We seek QUALITY above all, as well as developing a wide range of products that meet the needs of the industry. This, together with our customized care, makes us one of the companies with the best presence in the international market.


Our best guarantee is the quality of the wide range of products we sell, which can meet the different needs of the industry.

At Siwax Group, we work to ensure that our R+D center achieves the best results in permanent collaboration with universities and with our clients themselves. We research and develop within the framework of innovation in order to create specific products that fit a wide range of industries and applications.


We are a dynamic and up-to-date company that dedicates its resources, both human and financial, to the development of its own efficient technology. Our processes are equipped with the most advanced industrial means and are accompanied by a constant search for innovation through our R+D center.

Our path in technological development has taken us from the basic creation of waxes to their most evolved and complex version: hotmelts.

Looking for sustainability, we have also transformed our waxes into a different set of products whose application is more respectful of the environment: emulsions.


FSSC ISO 22000