Waxes and emulsions for cardboard treatment

Waxes and emulsions for cardboard treatment

Our brands TERMOFLEX® T and EMULSIBER® T provide excellent performance as coating materials that are applied to the paper by roller machine (smooth or engraved), curtain coating and lip extrusion.

Their use guarantees:

  • Impermeability to water and/or humidity
  • Barrier effect against greases and odours
  • Natural surface brightness, initial or permanent
  • Structural resistance
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Slip or non-slip effect
  • Easy application on cardboard with small grammages per square meter
  • Lack of blooking at room temperature

These waxes and emulsions offer an excellent impregnation capacity of the paper fiber in the treatment of the internal liner which, moreover, do not hinder the adhesion of the paper to wavy surfaces. The intensity and permanence of the gloss are linked to a rapid cooling of the waxy film.

They also act as water-repellent agents in cellulosic substrates, as they have a non-slip character superior to the usual waxes used in this application.

Our emulsions have been developed looking for a satisfactory applicability and machinability to optimize their mechanical stability and also minimize foam formation.