Specialties designed and created by Siwax Group.

TERMOFLEX® L: Used as products for the lamination of different substrates of paper, aluminium or plastic films.

TERMOFLEX® B: Used as gloss coating materials to be applied on paper.

TERMOFLEX® P and ELTENE™: Used in heat-sealable materials to achieve weak to strong joints at very different temperatures and for labelling plastic cups.

TERMOFLEX® T: Used in melting for water-repellent treatment of paper and cardboard.

POLIWAX™: Used as coating materials for cheeses and sausages.

EMULSIBER® T: Used at room temperature for the treatment of water-repellent material in paper and cardboard.

IBERCER®: Paraffin waxes of varied use in a multitude of applications.

TIOZONE®: Used as an anti-ozonant in rubber products.

NUFLEX®: Used in communication and energy cables as an insulating filler.

WAXOIL®: Used in the manufacturing of cleaning and polishing products.