Waxes and emulsions for polishes

Waxes and emulsions for polishes

Our brands NUFLEX®, WAXOIL®, EMULSIBER® and RESINOL™ are used in the manufacturing of products for cleaning and polishing surfaces with excellent results.

We work with natural, mineral and synthetic waxes that provide solutions for these products thanks to their qualities:

  • High degree of hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Easy dissolution and emulsion
  • Great polishing
  • Excellent brightness
  • Waterproofing contribution
  • Easy disposal

Our waxes are suitable for:

  • Production of footwear creams packaged in tubes
  • Obtaining encaustics that only require the addition of a solvent, with the advantage of a stable composition based on synthetic and natural waxes
  • Production of a paste/gel structure with a predominantly crystalline structure that is very stable and soft to the touch, guaranteeing smooth and homogeneous surfaces.